Best Beaches to Visit in Pert


Scarborough Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Perth and is definitely a must-visit.

Scarborough Beach

Cottesloe Beach

Nestled between the Indian Ocean and the Swan River, Cottesloe Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Perth.

Esperance Beach

Esperance Beach

Esperance Beach in Perth is the closest beach to Perth. It is only about an hour away from the city

Mullaloo Beach

Mullaloo Beach

If you want to escape the crowds and find a beach with a more relaxed and quiet vibe, Mullaloo Beach is the perfect place.

Blue Bay Marine Park and Dolphin Pool

If you love snorkelling and have always wanted to get up close to a dolphin, Blue Bay Marine Park in Perth is the place to go.

Point Resolution and Point Peron

If you want to enjoy the stunning views of the Indian Ocean from a lookout, visit Point Resolution and Point Peron. Point Resolution is a lookout near the port where you can see the ocean from above the city.

Best Places to Visit in Perth for Beach Lovers

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