Best Restaurants In Cannon Beach

Ecola Seafood Restaurant

It is one of the best restaurants in Cannon Beach for seafood. They serve a wide range of fresh seafood and fish in various styles to confuse your palate. They also have various beverages that are paired very well with these fresh catches.

If there is something more tantalising than the Best Restaurants In Cannon Beach, it is the food served at the Wayfarer restaurant and lounge. This restaurant is one of the most prominent best restaurants in Cannon Beach

The Wayfarer Restaurant and lounge

MacGregor's Whisky  Bar

Located inside the Hallmark Resort Cannon, MacGregor's Whiskey Bar is open Wednesday through Sunday and has both indoor and outdoor seating. It serves specialty cocktails, Best Restaurants In Cannon Beach, small appetisers, and charcuterie boards.

Driftwood Restaurant and Lounge

Since its establishment in 1944, the Driftwood restaurant has served as a hub for social gatherings, dining, Driftwood Restaurant and Lounge and entertainment  for both locals and tourists.

Is Cannon Beach worth it?

With its spectacular stretches of beautiful beaches, dramatic rock formations, Best Restaurants In Cannon Beach

Why is it called Cannon Beach?

The community is named for a cannon  that was lost from the U.S. Navy  schooner Shark when it hit land in 1846 while attempting to cross the Columbia Bar, known as the Graveyard of the Pacific.

What is Cannon Beach famous for?

Cannon Beach is a teeny town, with a population just under 1,500, in northern Oregon and is famous for one thing