The Evolution of Taylor Swift: Exploring Her Musical Diversity in Songs

Taylor Swift, 2006

Her debut album. Who knew this young girl was going to be a star in the years to come?

Fearless, 2008

How can we forget this legend that helped Taylor score the album of the year grammy back in 2010?

Speak Now, 2010

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With songs like Long Live and Better than Revenge, the Speak Now album is fresh and rejuvenating.

Red, 2012

Every teenage girl has experienced the “Red phase” Whether it’s singing out loud to all too well or We are never ever getting back together.

1989, 2014

Do you have bad blood with anyone? If you do then you know how satisfying it is to rage to this song. Of course in a safe manner. Don’t get hurt please!

Reputation, 2017

After a long time of being away from the crowd, she made a badass comeback with this album. “Look what you made me do” still moves a lot of us, doesn’t it?

Lover, 2019

When Taylor entered her lover era, and we all know who to give credit to!

Folklore, 2020

Taylore really went deep with this one. With nostalgic songs like ‘mirrorball’ and ‘seven’, these are enough to make a grown man cry.