Must Experiences During Christmas In London

Entry Fee: None Timings: 2-6 PM on weekdays, 4-8 PM on weekends

1. Trafalgar Square: Adore The Biggest Christmas Tree

Entry Fee: TBA Timings: TBA

2. Westminster Abbey: Attend The Best Midnight Mass

Famous Christmas Lights Locations: Kew Gardens, Seven Dials Christmas Lights, Marylebone, Regent Street, Kingston, Carnaby, and the Enchanted Woodland.

3. London: Fill Your Eyes With Christmas Lights

Location: Kensington Gore, Kensington, London Entry Fee: starting €220 onwards for four seats and private dining experience

4. Royal Albert Hall: Sing In Sync At The Carol Concert

Location: London, UK Timings: 5 Am – 12 Am

5. Hyde Park: Celebrate At The Winter Wonderland