Why autumn is the best time to visit Cornwall

After three months of traffic jams, grossly inflated prices and a crowded coastline, the summer season is over for another year and life in Cornwall can return to normal again.

There’s a good chance that the weather will be fine too. Maybe we have climate change to thank, but the summer warmth seems to last a little longer every year, and it’s not unusual to have beachgoing weather well into October.

It’s also worth pointing out that, while the sea may be warm, it might not necessarily be calm. Autumn tends to bring a livelier sea to Cornwall’s northern coast: not the best conditions for swimmers perhaps, but absolutely perfect for surfers.

For those after a more sedate experience, this is arguably the best time of year to walk the South West Coast Path. It’s a challenging route at the best of times, and it becomes doubly hard when the summer sun is glaring down on you.