Experience The Perfect Playlist: Taylor Swift Speak Now Album Review


Mean is a response to those people who find every opportunity to put Taylor down. She expresses how she will never be able to impress them and they always point out her flaws. She promises that one day she will be so big that they won’t have any effect on her.

Back to December

A song full of regret and apology, Back to December talks about Taylor missing the good old times she had with her ex-boyfriend Taylor Lautner.

The Story of Us

This song describes exactly what one feels after a tragic breakup. The loneliness, pain, and confusion one faces because they are suddenly so vulnerable and alone.

Dear John

Almost seven minutes long, Dear John describes the painful relationship young Swift had with John Mayer.


We have all been there. Being enchanted by someone secretly, but too scared to tell them. It’s like having a high school infatuation all over again. This song perfectly encapsulates that feeling.

Taylor Swift re-recorded many of her albums because she did not own her works and she wanted exclusive rights to all of her songs.

Speak Now 2023 (Taylor’s Version)