Experience The Perfect Playlist: Taylor Swift Speak Now Album Review

Speak Now Album

Speak Now Album, with 10 prominent studio albums in her name, Taylor Swift, also referred to as the music industry by her fans, is one of the biggest stars today. Starting her career as a 14-year-old girl with a guitar, she has now become a fierce and strong woman. Let’s talk about ‘Speak Now’, Taylor Swift’s third studio album that has made a profound impact on the fans and the music industry. She expressed her rawest emotions whether it’s anger, crashing, or rising through the lyrics that were all written by her.

Songs in the Album: find your next best song

The album has a total of 14 songs which includes Grammy-winning ‘Mean’. Here lies a complete list of the songs-

  1. Speak Now
  2. The Story of Us
  3. Mine
  4. Back to December
  5. Better than revenge
  6. Dear John
  7. Innocent
  8. Never Grow up
  9. Long Live
  10. Sparks Fly
  11. Last Kiss
  12. Mean
  13. Enchanted
  14. Haunted

What is the Speak Now Album about?

The Speak Now album addresses many things. Taylor Swift’s relationship with John Mayer is discussed. She mentions the games he played and how he treated her badly when she was a young girl. In between, Swift throws the blame on herself and her optimism.

An apology song for Taylor Lautner, ‘Back to December’ talks about the mistakes and regrets she had during the time they were together. She reminisces about the old times and badly wants to change whatever happened between them and hopes they had a better ending than the actual one. The song Mean is a response to all the criticism she has faced from people throughout her career.

Besides these, her other songs address issues she faced during her relationships, career, and personal life during that era.

All-time favorites on the Speak Now Album

Have a look at some fan favorites of the album-

1. Mean

Mean is a response to those people who find every opportunity to put Taylor down. She expresses how she will never be able to impress them and they always point out her flaws. She promises that one day she will be so big that they won’t have any effect on her. And we all know that this was true! She talks about how those who criticize her will be alone and miserable in a few years because all they can notice in a person are the flaws and negative things.

2. Back to December

A song full of regret and apology, Back to December talks about Taylor missing the good old times she had with her ex-boyfriend Taylor Lautner. She badly wants to go back to December when everything was okay between them. She misses him but it is too late to go back and change anything, so all she can do is swallow her pride and apologize.

3. The Story of Us

This song describes exactly what one feels after a tragic breakup. The loneliness, pain, and confusion one faces because they are suddenly so vulnerable and alone. When you have imagined your entire life with someone but now it’s all gone and the silence is so loud. Young Taylor expresses her feelings about a breakup she faced and the waves of emotions it brought.

4. Dear John

Almost seven minutes long, Dear John describes the painful relationship young Swift had with John Mayer. She exclaims in agony that she was too young to have been messed with and he played games with her. She mentions how everyone warned her to stay away from him but didn’t listen because of the rose-tinted glasses she had on.

5. Enchanted

We have all been there. Being enchanted by someone secretly, but too scared to tell them. It’s like having a high school infatuation all over again. This song perfectly encapsulates that feeling. Having sleepless nights wondering if they like you or if they like someone else. And internally wishing and praying that they are not in love with anybody else. It is the best pick on Taylor Swift Speak Now as everyone can relate to this song.

This one is for those who have secret one-sided crushes but will never have the guts to admit they’re true feelings, so they will torture themselves with confusion and hope.

Speak Now 2023 (Taylor’s Version)

Taylor Swift re-recorded many of her albums because she did not own her works and she wanted exclusive rights to all of her songs. Her previous label did not let her have any control over how she can use her songs and she was not happy with this. Now Taylor Swift has re-recorded Fearless, Red, 1989 and finally Speak Now.


The Speak Now album is a vulnerable and deep symbol of Taylor’s internal struggles, romantic relationships, and setbacks. The lyrics, tunes, and beats of these songs are still close to every old Swiftie’s heart. Some still reminisce about the good old days with these songs. A nostalgic insight into Swift’s journey, this powerful album is one of her greatest works and gained her numerous awards, showcasing her strong presence in the music industry. For more information about Taylor Swift Speak Now era, visit TrailFollow.


Who wrote the Speak Now album?
The entire Speak Now album was written by Swift herself. The album was released in October 2010 and was Taylor’s third studio album. It bagged her 2 Grammys for the song Mean- ‘Best Country Song’ and ‘Best Country Solo Performance.
Did Taylor Swift go on a world tour for the Speak Now album?
Yes, Taylor Swift did go on a tour for the Speak Now album in 2011. The tour lasted for a year, starting from February 2011 to March 2012. The first performance was held in Singapore and the tour was finally wrapped up in New Zealand.
Did the Speak Now album get any awards?
Yes, the Speak Now album did bag Swift many awards. The notable awards include Grammys, American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, Country Music Association Awards, and Academy of Country Music Awards.

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