Uncover London's secrets with these eight hidden gems.

1. Best for dinophiles: The Crystal Palace dinosaurs

Created in the 1850s, these life-sized replicas quickly became a major attraction and were credited with sparking a bout of "dinomania" amongst the British public.

3. Best for  eclectic tastes: Horniman Museum and Gardens

Today, the Horniman has around 350,000 exhibits and, commendably, the curators make efforts to address the colonial connections of many of the items on display.

4. Best for lovers of history: London Mithraeum

Around 240 CE, the Romans founded the settlement of Londinium, a subterranean temple dedicated to a mysterious god named Mithras was built alongside the River Wallbrook.

5. Best for a sensory experience: God's Own Junkyard

Stepping into God's Own Junkyard – home to one of the world's biggest collections of neon lights and signs – feels like being bounced around a giant pinball machine.