What Is Taylor Swift's Eras Tour And In which Countries Will It Take Place?

Taylor Swift

Her first album—it all began here! Including popular songs like Tim McGraw, this album was released when Taylor was only 16 years old!


How can one forget this album? Most swifties have jammed to ‘You Belong with me’ and ‘Fifteen’ In hopes of getting their crush to notice them. This notable album got Swift her first grammy!

Speak Now

A detailed album about Swift’s love life and internal struggles, Speak Now addresses vulnerable details about her previous relationship with famous stars including John Mayer and Taylor Lautner.


Every Swiftie has played ‘22’ on their 22nd birthday or cried themselves to sleep with the all time famous ‘All Too Well’. Red talks about Taylor’s problems and emotions that she faced in different relationships.


A truly relatable album, 1989 talks about a blend of love and rage. Whether you want to ‘Shake off’ all your worries or have bad blood with someone, you have these songs to accompany you!


After being away from the public eye for a while, she made a powerful comeback with her ‘Reputation phase’. The black outfits, fierce makeup and the dark theme is a sight one can never forget.


Although the lover tour never happened because of COVID, this album still managed to touch our hearts. With notable songs like Cruel Summer, Lover and Cornelia Street, this album addresses both the ups and downs of love.


Perfect for when you want to cry yourself to sleep, the Folklore album brings out Taylor’s inner feelings about different situations. While some songs address deeper issues, there is warmth and love in this album that just ooze out.