6 Fun Date Ideas in Cambridge That Will Help You Impress Your Date

Fun Date in Cambridge

Date Ideas in Cambridge

Dating in college can be challenging. Between classes, homework, and other activities, it’s hard to find time to meet new people and build relationships. As a result, many students struggle to find someone they can date long-term. In fact, a recent article from the Wall Street Journal found that less than half of all college students will date someone exclusively or go on a first date throughout their entire college career! That doesn’t mean dating is impossible — you just have to work harder for it. Luckily, there are plenty of fun activities that are perfect for getting to know someone better and letting them get to know you in return. Whether you’re looking for a casual friend with benefits or someone special, these ideas will help you impress any potential partner.

1. Go on a hike

Hikes are a great way to start a relationship. You can talk while moving, which is a lot easier than staying stationary while trying to hold a conversation. Plus, you’ll both get some fresh air and exercise, which is great for your health. Check out the trails near campus and see which one makes the most sense for your schedule. If you want to do something a bit further away, see if any travel websites are offering specials on hiking trips near Cambridge. You can also try an urban hike if you want to do something different. These don’t necessarily require any special gear, so they’re great for students who might not have access to hiking equipment. Head to a nearby park and seek out a trail. You’ll have a great time with your date and have plenty of places to stop and take pictures.

2. Check out an art exhibition

Many cities have museums dedicated to art, and Cambridge is no exception. Check out when the museums near you have special exhibitions or see what upcoming events they have planned. If there’s a specific artist you like, you can often find smaller exhibitions dedicated to their work. You can use your phone or computer to find nearby galleries and exhibitions, and many even have online ticketing systems where you can purchase tickets in advance. If you want to make your date night even more special, consider going on a date during a special event like a gallery opening or exhibition launch. If you don’t have any specific artists or exhibitions in mind, you can also check out the museums near you. You can find museums dedicated to art, culture, history, science, and more — there’s something for everyone. Museums are great places to go on dates because they offer a nice mix of attractions. You can walk around and learn about different things, and there are almost always special events and activities going on that you can participate in.

3. See a movie together

Going to the movies is a classic date idea, and it’s a great way to spend time with your date and get to know them better. There are tons of movie theaters around Cambridge, so you can find something that appeals to both of you. Whether you like romantic comedies, sci-fi flicks, or something else entirely, there’s a movie for everyone. Plus, you can often find discount movie tickets through online ticketing websites like Groupon and Living Social, which makes a date at the movie even more affordable! If you want to mix things up, consider renting a movie or going to a nearby movie studio. Many movies are filmed near Cambridge, and you can often find studios that give public tours. Alternatively, you can also use services like Movie Pass to find nearby cinemas and see what movies are playing. If you have a favorite movie that you’ve always wanted to see, this is also a great time to watch it.

4. Go Karting

If your date is more into the adrenaline rush than appreciating the finer arts, karting might be the perfect date for you. There are many karting facilities near Cambridge, so it’s easy to find one that’s convenient for you and your date. You can either rent a single kart or do a group event. If you want to go with a group, it’s best to check with your classmates and see if they would be interested in going with you. If you go with a group, you can either rent out a track or a portion of the track. If you rent out a track, you can customize the event and decide what type of karting you want to do. You can also decide if you want to do a single or team race. Alternatively, if you just rent a portion of the track, you can do something like a relay race. This gives you a lot of flexibility in choosing how you want to participate in the event.

5. Play games at the arcade

If you’re a fan of old-school games, Cambridge is home to the largest arcade in New England. Sinbad’s Casino and Family Fun Center has more than 400 games, including almost 100 arcade games. There are plenty of games for people of all skill levels and interests, so you’re bound to find something you like. You can also host an event at the arcade, which is perfect for team building and birthday parties. You can even rent out the whole facility if you want a private event. If you want something a bit more modern, Cambridge is also home to the Hatch Social, a modern-day take on the arcade where you can play retro and classic games. You can also use the facilities at Hatch to host an event or party. There are plenty of other games and activities that you can find in Cambridge and nearby areas, so you can customize your date to fit your and your date’s interests.

6. Go swimming

Swimming is a great way to get exercise and spend time with your date at the same time. You can go to a nearby public pool or find a hotel with a pool that offers public access. If you go to a public pool, you can either do some solo exercises or take a swim class. If you go to a hotel pool, you can also take a swim class or just relax in the water. Many hotels with pools are located near Cambridge, making this a great date idea. You can either go on a weekday or early in the evening to avoid large crowds. This is a great date because it combines exercise with relaxation, which is perfect for getting to know someone better. You can talk while swimming and get to know each other better while doing something fun and relaxing at the same time.


Dating in college can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Going on these dates will help you stand out and let your date know you care enough to plan something special. If you follow these tips, you should have no trouble finding someone special or casual, as long as you put in the effort. Dating can be hard, but it’s worth it when you find someone you really click with.

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