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Best Places for a good Tour to Cuba in 2023

Tour to Cuba

Of all the Caribbean islands, Cuba is one of the most interesting, and there are many super-cool sites to explore there. Cuba is unlike everywhere else in the world and is surprisingly diverse.From charming beaches like Playa Maria la Gorda and Playa Giron to natural wonderlands like El Nicho and Viales Valley, you may travel here from colonial cities like Trinidad and Cienfuegos. Plan a tour to cuba for the most fun experiences of your life. 

Best Places for a good Tour to Cuba

1. Havana

Havana | Trailfollow

Havana is home to a diverse array of politics, art, architecture, history, culture, and cuisine. A cuisine tour to cuba that includes eating churros and drinking mojitos is among the top ways to taste these aspects of Cuban culture. In one of the classic vehicles, tour the city’s landmarks. Parque John Lennon in Vedado is a well-liked destination where visitors may cuddle up to a bronze monument of the legendary musician unwinding on an elaborate park bench. José Ramón Villa Soberón’s sculpture, which features a reproduction of the circular-rimmed glasses that were a distinguishing feature of Lennon’s period of political involvement, needs a security guard to protect it.

2. Viñales

Viñales | Trailfollow

The Sierra de Los Organos mountains and the beautiful green fields of the Viales Valley surround Viales, a charming, colorful city in western Cuba’s Pinar del Rio area. You can choose your preferred outdoor activity from hiking, cycling, horseback riding, or rock climbing amid the limestone hills, which are its main attractions.A horseback riding tour of the valley is one of the most well-liked activities in Viales. These often last between three and five hours and are a fantastic way to take in the gorgeous beauty of the area’s undulating hills dotted with palm trees.

If riding horses isn’t your thing, go on a day trek to see the famed tobacco farms in Viales. Here, you may interact with local farmers, discover how they make cigars, Cuba’s most well-known export, and even have a chance to smoke one.This is one of the best places to visit in cuba and hence make your tour to cuba a successful one. 

3. Trinidad

Trinidad is one of Cuba’s most well-preserved colonial villages, with its brightly colored buildings, pastel homes, and cobblestone walkways. Although it is a little town, it is bursting with history, gorgeous architecture, and scenic beauty, and one must include mouthwatering regional cuisines in tour to cuba

After spending a few hours there, you’ll quickly understand why Trinidad is among the best spots to visit in Cuba. The finest place to start your city exploration is at Plaza Mayor. The Holy Trinity Church is situated there in the main square. Photography opportunities abound in the gorgeous church, which is a soft yellow tone. Be sure to stop by Brunet Palace, a magnificent two-story yellow structure. You may also locate a few additional historic structures and eateries here. In Trinidad, Sala Class is particularly well-liked. For a different experience, you can sign up for a group lesson.

Playa Ancon is a destination you must see if you enjoy the beach. To get to Playa Ancon, rent a bike or take a 30-minute public bus ride. Take in the lovely sight of the palms, azure ocean, and white sand beach.Trinidad has no shortage of bars and eateries. If you want to try authentic Cuban food, Restaurante San José is a good choice. The Canchanchara is a well-known drink in this area and is the original signature drink of Cuba. This is one of the best places to visit while on a Tour to cuba.

4. Varadero

Varadero | Trailfollow

It is one of the best beachy places to visit on your tour of Cuba. Cuba is rich in culture, but it also offers gorgeous natural scenery and some fantastic beaches, the most spectacular of which is on the peninsula of Varadero in the country’s north.

The 20 km long Varadero beach has beautiful white sand, a clear blue sea, and coconut trees bordered with lush green foliage. The truly unique and finest thing to do in this location is to unwind in the warmth of the Caribbean sun while sipping on fresh coconut milk and listening to the sound of the waves.Varadero offers activities like scuba diving, kayaking, fishing, and golf if you like to be active.Additionally, there is an ecological park with some prehistoric cave paintings.

5. Cayo Coco

Cayo Coco
Cayo Coco | Trailfollow

One of Cuba’s most stunning locations is Cayo Coco, which is also one of the island nation’s farther-flung locales. No surprise Cayo Coco has appeared in so many films and books, including Hemingway’s Islands in the Stream and The Old Man and the Sea, with its turquoise waters and excellent dunes. It is also a fantastic site to visit if you’re seeking a distinctive location in Cuba that feels undiscovered, remote, and relaxed.

Beaches are Cayo Coco’s biggest draw and finest activity due to the island’s picture-perfect waters and sceneries. Playa Los Flamencos is Cayo Coco’s most well-known beach. This magnificent beach has beautiful white sand, is nearly 5 kilometers long, and faces the Atlantic Ocean. Playa Prohibida is a more appropriate beach for hikers or those seeking a more tranquil yet adventurous nature experience if you’re looking for a more sedate beach. And lastly, Cayo Coco is renowned for its bird-watching excursions.One of the best places to visit while on a Tour to Cuba.

6. Playa Giron

By Viazul or a shared taxi, Playa Giron houses in the Bay of Pigs, about three hours from Varadero or Havana. Compared to Cuba, the area is quite far away. However, Playa Giron and Playa de Los Cocos are excellent choices for sunbathing and a fast dip if you enjoy white sand and turquoise waters that are uncrowded and devoid of hotels. Here, in addition to the sun and the ocean, one may go snorkeling among fish and coral reefs. Caleta Buena, Cueva dos Pieces, and Punta Perdiz are the ideal locations to do so.

Although a bus connects these beaches, renting a bike and riding to one of them is a common choice. It is an easy ride because the route is mainly flat, and there aren’t many vehicles on it. In addition, the scenery is lovely, and you can pause wherever you like to gaze at it, converse with the fisherman, or snap beautiful pictures.


Cuba has various fantastic places to visit. The article covers the top popular locations in that region that one must include in their itinerary for the best-ever experience. You can plan your tour to Cuba using this guide according to your budget and interests. For more information visit the official website of Trailfollow.


Where is the best place to stay while on a tour to Cuba?
Most of the best places to stay in Cuba are in Havana, making it ideal for starting your excursions from the north of the island in elegance. Travel to Santiago de Cuba, where Fidel Castro started his revolution, for stunning architecture, a wealth of history, and a distinctly Caribbean atmosphere.
Are US dollars accepted in Cuba?
The only legal tender in Cuba is the Cuban National Peso (CUP, sometimes known as “Moneda Nacional”). However, most private hotels, bars, and restaurants also accept cash payments in dollars or euros.
How far does a dollar go in Cuba?
There are two exchange rates, the official exchange rate and the unofficial one because the Cuban peso cannot fluctuate and is fixed at $1 = 24 pesos. Informally exchanging US dollars or euros might result in exchange rates as high as $1 = 125 Cuban pesos.
What is the cheapest month to go on a tour to Cuba?
The peak months for a tour to Cuba are January, February, and December. January is the most affordable month to travel from India.

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