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Top 5 Best Beaches in Majorca: Your Guide to the Best Coastal Escapes

Best Beaches in Majorca

The heavenly touch of a beach where all the sands, pebbles, and stones collide with the offshore water creates an unforgettable experience. Yet again, Majorca offers its treasure to give you a mesmerizing experience and connect you with nature’s beauty. The place is situated on the Balearic island and has some of the most beautiful best beaches in Majorca. The coastlines are covered in hundreds of beaches, each displaying a full spectrum of long and golden sand flooded with tiny pebbles. Majorca was home to 31 blue flag beaches out of 46. All these beaches are waving across the Balearics.

If you’re planning to stay here, the best beach resorts in Majorca can pretty easily enhance your stay.

TUI Presents the Top 5 Best Beaches in Majorca 

1. Alcudia Beach

Alcudia Beach
Alcudia Beach | Trailfollow

Alcudia is one of the top beaches in Majorca that has a strong hold over attracting families. The beach has some of the best seafood experience and ice cream shops nearby to aid yr cravings while walking down the shore. The beach is spread within seven kilometers and contains fine white sand. The easily accessible facilities and best hotels in Majorca Alcudia combine to make this place even more pleasing. If you love to ride boats, you might encounter companies offering you a banana boat ride. Nothing beats a less crowded and calm beach where you are just by yourself, Alcudia has one, and Playa de Muro is the other half where you can experience this. Even the pedalos could be rented out as well.

2. Cala Varques

Cala Varques
Cala Varques | Trailfollow

The best beaches in Majorca have some beautiful spots like Cala Varques as well. Spread across the east coast. The island has a heavenly flow to it. Cala Varques has the best beach resorts in Majorca as well. Renowned resorts like Cristo and Calea de Mallorca are just 15 minutes walk away from the closest car parking. The best beaches in Majorca have a main component which is sand. The sweet and soft sand’s powdery texture makes it appealing to hop on buckets and do spade-making activities. Even water is crystal clear. What makes this beach ideal is its sand quality. If you love crafts, then you might consider building your sandcastles.

3. Cala Tuent

Cala Tuent
Cala Tuent | Trailfollow

The best beaches in Majorca have diverse specialties in every single beach. The calm and peace can never be overshadowed when choosing a beach to lie down and relax. There goes a boat that takes you to Cala Tuent from the shores of Alcudia. You can surely find some of the best beach resorts in Majorca to enjoy your vacations in peace, but what if you were told that this moon-shaped beach in the northwest of the island could grant your same wish? Occupied with cliffs with a blend of pine forests, this beach is worth visiting. Fewer crowds might not please more restaurants to be set up, so you might consider bringing your lunch with you. Torrent de Pareis, near Sa Calobra, could be visited too. For more pleasing sights, you can visit MOndrago Natural Park, which takes 15 minutes to reach from Cala ‘D.

4. Cala Mesquida

Cala Mesquida
Cala Mesquida | Trailfollow

The best beaches in Majorca have a hidden treasure that goes by the name of Cala Mesquida.The utmost display of natural beauty is truly unmatched. There could be a ton of beaches that have a blend of golden sand, but Cala Mesquidsa is something else. Even if you are staying at one of the best beach hotels in Majorca, you should not miss this place by any chance. Your bucket list must include this place situated on the northeast coast. is a true freak of nature. The greenery combined with the dunes, which are porcelain colored, is what makes this palace beautiful. The sky, blue water, and calm vibrance, when aligns with a gentle breeze then it looks heavenly. Windsurfing and bodyboarding enthusiasts will love this place.

5. Cala Millor

Cala Millor
Cala Millor | Trailfollow

Being one of the longest, this beach is called Cala Millor. Running from Cala Bona to rustic Punta d’Amper, this beach is the largest among all the best beaches in Majorca. It belongs to the group of blue flag beaches that Majorca holds. Staying at the best beach hotels in Majorca, this beach can be isn’t too far away. The availability of shops, bars, and restaurants makes it an amazing experience to behold. The two headlands tailed on rocks could be observed from this etc. The water is crystal clear, blue, and calm, so you wouldn’t have to worry about high tides. 


In conclusion to all the discussions we had about some of the best beaches in Majorca, we saw every possible type of beach that suits the specific needs of a person, from calm and peaceful to crowded and occupied beaches. Majorca has everything to offer. Visitors don’t need to worry about this as well because some of the best beaches in Majorca are there. For more information, you can visit Trailfollow


What is the nicest beach in Mallorca?
Alcudia Beach is one of the most attractive beaches in Majorca.
Which side of Majorca has the best beaches?
Majorca’s north and east side comprises all the beautiful natural features, including crystal clear water powdered sand.
Which is the most beautiful part of Majorca?
The most beautiful part of Majorca is its heavenly beaches and resorts.

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