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Detail Guide On Staysure Travel Insurance: A Review

staysure travel insurance

Staysure Travel Insurance affords insurance for unexpected events and costs that could arise during your travel experience. It gives safety if you want to cancel your ride due to infection or other blanketed motives. StaySure also covers medical emergencies abroad, which include doctor visits, hospitalisation, and medicine. Additional advantages consist of coverage for misplaced, damaged, or stolen baggage, trip delays, and emergency clinical transportation lower back domestic. 

Staysure ambitions to present tourists with peace of mind that allows them to loosen up and revel in their vacation knowing they have economic protection if something is going wrong. With various plan options, Staysure Travel Insurance can be custom-designed to suit specific travel needs and budgets

About Staysure Travel Insurance company

staysure travel insurance
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Staysure is a UK-based coverage organisation that mainly specialises in offering tour insurance for people over the age of fifty. The business enterprise was founded in 2004 with the aid of Ryan Howsam it has grown to become a massive advantage within the tour coverage market, especially catering to older individuals who may also face higher charges with different insurers.

Staysure offers more than a few insurance products, including tour coverage, home coverage, and medical health insurance. Their specialisation in journey coverage for older individuals sets them aside within the enterprise. They intend to provide comprehensive insurance for various travel-associated conditions, which include medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and lost or stolen belongings.

Should you have travel insurance? 

Travel coverage is an essential part of tour plans that too many tourists forget about and don’t often consider vital. However, it can be valuable if something surprising occurs on your vacation trips and while travelling. Travel insurance offers economic safety and assistance offerings if you want to cancel or interrupt your trip for covered reasons like contamination or damage. It additionally covers sudden medical emergencies overseas, such as physician visits, health centre remains, and prescriptions. This is essential if you have a coincidence or fall sick overseas where healthcare fees are expensive. Travel coverage will cover these steeply-priced payments so you don’t grow to be paying heaps out of pocket. 

Additionally, travel insurance covers misplaced, broken, or stolen baggage and personal gadgets. Without this insurance, you would be responsible for replacing those highly-priced belongings. Insurance also can assist in case your flight is not on time, cancelled or you leave out a connection. It provides repayment for food, inns, and toiletries in addition to rebooking prices. Moreover, coverage includes 24/7 journey help to assist with rebooking flights or locating hospital treatment while overseas. With a lot of these benefits, travel insurance offers you peace of mind knowing you’ve got help and financial safety if the unexpected occurs in your journey. It’s a small charge to pay for potentially huge savings down the street. And Staysure Travel Insurance has paid keen attention to providing countless benefits to travellers of all types.

Key features of Staysure Travel Insurance

staysure travel insurance
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Staysure Travel Insurance offers multiple advantages to its customers. 

Comprehensive Coverage: 

Staysure gives a range of guidelines presenting coverage for diverse tour-associated risks, consisting of ride cancellations, medical emergencies, bag loss, and more.

Medical Emergency Coverage: Staysure typically provides insurance for medical emergencies, consisting of hospitalisation, scientific remedy, and evacuation if important. 

Cancellation and Interruption Protection: 

Policies may also consist of insurance for ride cancellations or interruptions due to unforeseen events, such as illness, injury, or different emergencies.

Covid Insurance:

 The insurance policy covers any medical emergencies related to covid 19. Whether it’s about cancellation due to coronavirus or medical emergencies that are related to the pandemic. 

Optional Extras: 

Staysure may additionally provide optional coverage or add-ons, allowing travellers to customise their insurance primarily based on their precise wishes. This ought to include insurance for activities like winter sports, golf, or cruise-associated insurance.

24/7 Emergency Assistance: 

Many travel coverage guidelines from Staysure consist of 24/7 emergency assistance offerings, presenting support in case of sudden situations in the course of your travels.

Coverage for Pre-Medical Conditions: 

This medical emergency also covers pre-existing medical conditions as well. Travellers with pre-medical conditions can travel with ease of mind.

Age-Specific Policies:

 Staysure is understood for offering travel coverage for people of numerous age groups, along with regulations tailor-made for older travellers.

Golf cover: 

If you are a professional or frequent golf enthusiast, the Staysure Travel Insurance covers your expensive golf equipment. 

Single Travel Insurance: 

The Staysure does cover for a single time up to £1,000 while individuals can also upgrade from 50 days to a 100-day extension if they are under the age of 70.

Staysure Single Travel Insurance 

staysure travel insurance
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If you are one of those travellers who often travel along Staysure Travel Insurance does offer single travel insurance advantages. This ensures that individuals travelling outside the UK alone can be at ease. The insurance is not just confined to single individuals but to couples and families with single trips. However, The policy is only applicable if the family members reside at the same address. This can reduce the cost of travel insurance expenses if you had to apply separately for each family member. The travel insurance is also applicable for a group of 9 people but more than that individuals would have to call the customer helpline number. 

The best part of this insurance policy is that Staysure covers more than one destination. Those individuals who are travelling to more than one destination should inform Staysure in advance highlighting the destinations they will be covering. This should be done before purchasing the insurance policy. This insurance covers up to 104 days but age and travel destination might affect the validity of the insurance. Additionally, the good thing is that there is no age limit to apply for the Staysure single travel insurance. 

What is Staysure UK Travel Insurance?

This travel insurance policy specifically covers travel reparation for those who are travelling within the UK. In case you do not plan to travel outside the UK, the UK Travel Insurance by Staysure is one of the best travel insurance to purchase. It covers your staycation for cancellation, trip curtailment, and medical transfer costs all within the UK. For those who are staying longer in the UK, the need for medical emergencies or treatment is covered entirely. However, the reparation cost that comes with the medical emergency (covered by NHS) will include transferring individuals to a hospital closer to their home city or town. 

In addition, there are a few things that individuals need to keep in mind if they are travelling to the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man the cost will not be covered; however, the Healthcare agreement between the UK allows for you not to pay for healthcare costs. 

What pre-medical insurance is covered by Staysure Travel Insurance? 

Worry less about your health and your physical condition when travelling. Even if you have a pre-existing health condition, and since there is no age limit to purchasing travel insurance it makes it even more convenient. For those who need to know about the specific pre-existing medical conditions that are covered under Staysure Travel Insurance here are some of them: 

Insurance Company  Pre-existing medical conditions Applicable  Age limit 
  • Arthritis 
  • Asthma 
  • Cancer 
  • Diabetes 
  • Epilepsy 
  • Heart Conditions 
  • Gallstones 
  • Multiple Sclerosis 
No Upper age limits


What makes Staysure Travel Insurance a better choice than other travel insurance? 

Features Staysure Travel Insurance  Other Travel Insurance 
Coverage  Up to £10 Million in Emergency Medical Cover  Typically Lower Coverage Limits 
Pre-existing Conditions  Covered with no additional fee for most pre-existing medical conditions  Often excluded or require an additional fee 
Cancellation  Cover for cancellation for a wide range of reasons  More Limited excludes COVID-19 claims 
Age Limit  No upper age limit  Many have age 70-80 age limits 
Customer service  24/7 customer emergency services/helpline  Limited customer services 
Bagge coverage  Up to £2.500 for lost/stolen baggage  Lower baggage coverage 
Insurance types  Single, multiple, and single-group travel insurance for 9 people  Might vary and have more restrictions on travel systems.

How do you claim Staysure Travel Insurance? 

Claiming your travel insurance with Staysure is super easy. Firstly, take a look at your coverage documents to discover the applicable telephone number and segment for creating a declaration. Then, call the helpline number as soon as feasible to notify Staysure that you need to make an insurance claim. Be ready to provide your insurance policy number and give an explanation for what incident necessitates your claim, with proof. Staysure will possibly ask for documentation to assist your declaration, so preserve any relevant receipts, reports, or other documents. For medical claims, you’ll need documentation from the treating medical doctor about the treatment and diagnosis. For misplaced luggage, get a written record from the airline. Follow up quickly with any extra facts Staysure requests. Once the declaration is permitted, you may get hold of a claim reference number and Staysure will process the claim either to you or without delay to providers like hospitals. Contact Staysure when you have another question all through the claims manner.


Nevertheless, having good reliable travel insurance is extremely essential to stay at ease whenever you are travelling abroad. If you are a resident of the UK or staying there for years Staysure Travel Insurance UK is what you need. Staysure insurance is notably one of the best travel insurance that one can apply for. Suitable for all types of travellers, for singles, couples, and also for families. The best part is that it’s convenient and super easy to claim the Staysure insurance. For more information, visit Trail Follow. 


Is Staysure Travel Insurance good?
If you are looking for reliable, convenient, and comprehensive coverage Staysure Travel Insurance is an excellent choice. Moreover, there are no upper age limits to apply for the insurance! The insurance company also has a special insurance plan for UK citizens and for those who are travelling to the UK for a longer period. 
How do I contact Staysure Travel Insurance?
Visit the official website and reach out through email or the customer service team on 0333 006 8033. The customer help desk is available 24/7. 
What does Staysure cover in its travel insurance?

Pre-existing medical conditions
Flight cancellation
Lost baggage
Lost passports,
Stolen items
Golfing equipments
Hotel bookings
Travel delays
Winter sports cover
Emergency medical assistance and more.

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