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Exploring Béis Travel Essentials: A Comprehensive Review

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Shay Mitchell, the talented Canadian actress, launched Beis Travel out of a desire to create stylish yet practical travel gear that was also affordable and functional. With beis travel, Mitchell has carved a distinct niche in the luggage industry, guided by her vision to produce bags that don’t just accompany travellers on their journeys, but inspire new adventures and experiences worth sharing.

Bringing her creative instincts and fashionable aesthetic from her entertainment career starring in Pretty Little Liars, Mitchell has positioned Beis Travel as a standout brand – a shining light in the travel goods space that seamlessly blends utility and style. Beis pieces are designed to fully meet the needs of the modern traveller, thanks to Mitchell’s inventive approach that looks beyond functionality alone. With a commitment to meeting the varied needs of travellers, the Béis Travel products range from versatile backpacks and stylish weekender bags to efficient roller bags. Notably, beis travel goes beyond conventional travel accessories, even venturing into the realm of parenting with a thoughtfully designed diaper bag. 

A Visionary Start

BÉIS, pronounced “base,” aspires to be more than just another luggage brand – it seeks to epitomize a way of living centred around stylish, intentional travel. Launched by actress Shay Mitchell of “Pretty Little Liars” fame, BÉIS entered the market to make functional, quality travel gear accessible to all. Rather than simply offer products, Mitchell envisioned BÉIS as a lifestyle platform that could transform the very culture around travel – where elegance meets utility and exploration becomes open to all. Through coupling chic designs with practical functionality at an inclusive price point, BÉIS is redefining notions of what a travel brand can stand for. At its core, BÉIS encapsulates Mitchell’s belief in the profound power of travel to teach, connect and empower when it is made available to all – a personal philosophy now resonating widely with discerning voyagers. More than luggage, BÉIS Travel Essentials provides the conduit through which to experience a stylish life journey.

Shay Mitchell: Actress, Entrepreneur, and CEO

Mitchell’s extensive world travels enabled her to intimately understand the problems faced by people on the move, providing invaluable insight as she developed BÉIS. More than just a brand, BÉIS offers solutions for the ever-mobile with its thoughtfully designed products. Drawing on her firsthand experiences lugging luggage through airports and juggling necessities abroad, Mitchell infused smart features into beis travel gear to ease the hassles of travel. As the brand continues expanding globally, it stays true to its mission of helping jet-setters transport belongings in style and comfort. With Mitchell’s travel expertise guiding product development and distribution, BÉIS promises even more convenient, fashionable solutions for people endlessly in transit. Whether you’re an occasional vacationer or constantly catching flights, BÉIS has your needs covered with its selection of tailored travel products.

The Essence of BÉIS

 Let’s explore what makes this popular travel and luggage company so appealing.

  • Purpose-Built for Active Lifestyles

BÉIS caters to nonstop lifestyles by crafting bags and accessories specifically for people on the go. Whether globetrotting, travelling for business, or simply always in motion, BÉIS has versatile options.

  • Travel Essentials Blending Quality, Functionality and Style

Committed to delivering premium products, BÉIS fuses together practicality and aesthetics. Every bag and travel accessory balances durability and design, crafted to meet the practical needs of travellers.

  • Affordable Luxury

Affordable Luxury
Affordable Luxury

BÉIS breaks the misconception that luxury must be expensive. Mitchell’s vision was a brand offering quality without prohibitive costs, making stylish travel gear accessible to more people.

  • Bags for Every Travel Need Far beyond luggage

BÉIS’ expansive product range has options for every travel scenario. Carry-ons, backpacks, totes – BÉIS has the bag for you. This multi-category approach means products suited to every travel need. Whether you need a spacious carry-on, a versatile backpack, or a stylish tote, BÉIS has got you covered. The multi-category approach ensures that there’s a BÉIS product for every travel need.

Béis Travel Luggage Bestsellers

1. The Beis Backpack

  • Flat design with compression straps
  • 2 water bottle pockets, trolley passthrough, and padded laptop sleeve
  • Ample front pocket for day trip essentials

2. The Beis Weekender Bag

The Beis Weekender Bag
The Beis Weekender Bag
  • Tote bag shape with a wire frame for easy access
  • The Convertible Weekender and Mini Weekender feature a bottom compartment perfect for storing shoes or toiletries.

3. The Beis Carry On Roller Bag

  • Basic roller bag with 360 wheels
  • Weight indicator on the handle
  • Cleverly labelled pockets for organized packing

4. The Beis Diaper Bag

  • Feature-rich design with 5 exterior pockets, pacifier pouch, odour-proof bag, and more
  • Options like The Ultimate Diaper Backpack and The Pumping Backpack

Types of Products by Béis


Béis Travel Essentials offers a fashionable yet functional selection of travel bags, including roller bags and carry-ons built to serve diverse travellers. Durable fabrics and thoughtful features ensure reliability and on-trend style for the modern adventurer.

Travel Accessories

The range of travel accessories, like toiletry bags and makeup cases, add both convenience and flair. Attractive designs combine with practical compartments and quality materials to enhance your travel experience.

Diaper Bags

Béis goes past typical travel accessories with thoughtfully made diaper bags for stylish parents. Blending aesthetics and usefulness, they have stain-resistant fabrics and compartments to meet parents’ needs, whether globetrotting or running errands.

Passport Holders

Elevate your jet essentials with Béis’ passport holders, merging visual appeal and functionality to secure essential documents. The fashionable yet protective passport holders align with Béis’ commitment to both look good and perform well.

Packing Cubes

Must-have organizers, Béis’ packing cubes make packing and finding clothes effortless. Durable build and varied sizes let globetrotters neatly arrange items for easy access on adventures near and far.

Unpacking the Value: Are Béis Travel Bags Worth It?

The Béis journey is one of ever-increasing satisfaction with each new product discovered. Beginning with The Backpack, its thoughtful design immediately impresses, from the flat straps to compression straps and convenient details like dual water bottle holders, a trolley sleeve, and a padded laptop section. Adding The Carry-On Roller and Travel Wallet only deepens brand appreciation further. The Carry-On Roller, with 360° wheels and a built-in weight scale on the handle, exemplifies Béis’ commitment to seamless functionality for travellers. The Travel Wallet’s RFID-blocking material not only ramps up security but displays the brand’s meticulous attention to detail.

As positive experiences accumulate, the temptation to continue expanding one’s Béis collection becomes irresistible. The renowned practicality and ease of use of Béis Travel Essentials like The Packing Cubes and Hanging Cosmetic Case suggest a burgeoning Béis suite ready for growth. The Béis journey provides reliable, fashionable travel companions and also instils confidence in the dedication to the quality of this brand, making each new purchase a rewarding investment towards elevated travels.

Where to Buy Béis Products

  • Official Online Store

The central hub for purchasing all Béis products is their official online store at As the primary platform, it offers the widest assortment of gear and the latest product releases.

  • Revolve

A selection of Béis’ most popular travel bags and accessories can be found on the e-commerce site, giving customers another convenient way to shop the Béis lineup.

  • Nordstrom

Both in Nordstrom stores and on Nordstrom com, customers can browse and buy Béis luggage and travel accessories. The presence of this established retailer provides additional brand exposure and sales opportunities.

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In conclusion, Béis Travel Essentials transcends its celebrity-founder origins to stand out as a brand fusing style, function, and value in travel gear. From veteran jet setters needing durable luggage to chic parents seeking savvy diaper bags, Béis has versatile options to suit different needs. My positive experiences make me confident in recommending Béis as a go-to travel brand. As Shay Mitchell’s venture continues rapidly expanding, it shows promise to become a major name in fashionable, functional travel essentials. Discover for yourself Béis’ blend of practicality and style that makes travel a pleasure. With its broad range of thoughtfully designed products and affordable prices, Béis delivers solutions for travellers of all kinds. Its growing popularity and glowing reviews indicate it is a brand to watch as its influence and market share increase over time. I gladly recommend Béis’ offerings whether you’re an occasional vacationer or always on the go – treat yourself to gear that travels in both comfort and fashion.

For additional details on Béis Travel Essentials, visit Trailfollow.


Why is luggage so expensive?
Factors like quality materials, durable construction, innovative features, and brand reputation contribute to the higher costs associated with some luggage options.
Who owns Béis Travel?
Actress and model Shay Mitchell founded and owns the Béis brand, drawing from her own love of travel to create a line of affordable, fashion-conscious luggage and accessories.
What does Béis Travel sell?
Béis Travel offers an array of luggage, travel accessories, and thoughtfully designed diaper bags intended to serve various travellers. Transcending traditional travel staples, their product range focuses on fusing durable functionality with fashion-forward styling to solve a wide breadth of on-the-go needs.

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