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Bridging Two Magical Lands: Dubai To Istanbul Flights For An Enchanting Journey

Dubai to istanbul flights

Dubai and Istanbul are two of the most vibrant and culturally rich cities in the world. While Dubai is known for its towering skyscrapers, luxurious shopping malls, and artificial islands, Istanbul is famous for its rich history, stunning architecture, and bustling bazaars. When it comes to Dubai to Istanbul flights, Qatar Airways emerges as a great option for your travel needs.

Benefits of Booking Dubai to Istanbul Flights by Qatar Airways

Dubai to Istanbul flights are one of the most popular air routes in the Middle East. With numerous airlines operating on this route, travellers have many options to choose from. Qatar Airways is one of the leading airlines offering flights from Dubai to Istanbul. 

Comfortable Travel Experience

Comfortable Travel Experience
Comfortable Travel Experience | Trailfollow

Qatar Airways is known for its luxurious and comfortable travel experience. The airline offers spacious seating, ample legroom, and reclining seats, ensuring that passengers can relax and enjoy their flight. The airline also provides a range of entertainment options, including movies, TV shows, and music, keeping passengers entertained throughout the journey.

Moreover, Qatar Airways serves delicious meals and snacks during the flight, which are prepared by renowned chefs. Passengers can choose from a variety of meal options, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, ensuring that all dietary requirements are catered for.

Competitive Pricing

Qatar Airways offers competitive pricing for Dubai to Istanbul flights. The airline offers various fare classes, including economy, business, and first-class, allowing travellers to choose the one that best suits their budget. The airline also offers frequent promotions and discounts, making travel more affordable for passengers.

Furthermore, Qatar Airways offers a loyalty program, Privilege Club, which rewards passengers with Qmiles for their flights. These Qmiles can be redeemed for flights, upgrades, and other benefits, making travel more economical.

Convenient Flight Timings

Qatar Airways offers Dubai to Istanbul flights at convenient times. The airline operates multiple flights every day, ensuring that passengers can choose a flight that best suits their schedule. Moreover, the airline offers quick and hassle-free check-in and boarding procedures, ensuring that passengers can reach their destination on time.

Additionally, Qatar Airways offers a stopover in Doha, which is a popular tourist destination. Passengers can choose to extend their layover in Doha and explore the city before continuing their journey to Istanbul.

Safe and Reliable

Qatar Airways is known for its excellent safety record and reliability. The airline operates a modern fleet of aircraft and adheres to strict safety standards, ensuring that passengers can travel with peace of mind. Moreover, the airline has won several awards for its excellent service, including the World’s Best Airline award from Skytrax.

In-Flight Amenities During Dubai to Istanbul Flights by Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is one of the most reputable airlines in the world, offering a wide range of in-flight amenities to make your journey comfortable and enjoyable. For passengers travelling from Dubai to Istanbul, Qatar Airways provides a seamless travel experience that starts from the moment you step onboard.

Comfortable seating

Comfortable seating
Comfortable seating | Trailfollow

Qatar Airways offers a range of seating options to suit every passenger’s needs, including economy, premium economy, business class, and first class. Regardless of your class of travel, you can expect comfortable seating that provides ample legroom and reclining. The seats in business class and first class are equipped with adjustable headrests, footrests, and lumbar support to ensure maximum comfort during your flight.

In-flight entertainment

Qatar Airways provides an extensive selection of in-flight entertainment options to keep passengers entertained throughout their flights. There are more than four thousand films, television series, music selections, games and more available on the airline’s Oryx One entertainment system. Passengers can access the entertainment system through their personal screens or the screens located in the back of each seat.

In-flight dining

In flight dining
In flight dining | Trailfollow

Qatar Airways is known for its exceptional in-flight dining experience, and passengers travelling from Dubai to Istanbul can expect nothing less. The airline’s chefs prepare a variety of meals using the freshest ingredients, with options to suit different dietary requirements. Passengers can also enjoy a range of snacks and beverages throughout their flight.

Onboard amenities

Qatar Airways provides passengers with a range of onboard amenities to make their journey more comfortable. Passengers in business class and first class can enjoy luxury amenity kits containing skincare products, earplugs, an eye mask, and more. Passengers in all classes can also request blankets, pillows, and headphones to make their journey more comfortable.


Connectivity | Trailfollow

Qatar Airways provides passengers with onboard Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing them to stay connected with friends and family or catch up on work during their flight. Passengers can purchase Wi-Fi packages to access the internet from their personal devices.

Additional services

Qatar Airways provides its customers with a wide variety of services beyond the aforementioned in-flight comforts. Passengers can take advantage of the airline’s priority check-in, lounge access, cheap flights from Dubai to Istanbul and fast-track immigration services. Passengers can also pre-order duty-free items and have them delivered directly to their seats during the flight.


If you’re planning a trip from Dubai to Istanbul, flying with Qatar Airways is a great option. With multiple Dubai to Istanbul flights, flexible scheduling options, and a luxurious in-flight experience, Qatar Airways makes it easy and convenient to travel between these two vibrant cities. So why wait? Book your Dubai to Istanbul flights with Qatar Airways today and get ready to experience the best of both worlds. For more information, visit Trailfollow.


Can I fly from Dubai to Turkey now?
Yes, you can fly from Dubai to Turkey now. It’s best to check with the relevant authorities and airlines for the latest travel information and requirements.
How much is the flight ticket from Dubai to Istanbul?

Flight ticket prices from Dubai to Istanbul can vary depending on several factors, including the airline, season, and time of booking. As a language model, I don’t have access to real-time pricing information, but you can check with airlines or travel agencies for the latest Dubai to Istanbul flight prices.

Which airport does Emirates fly to Istanbul?

Emirates flies to Istanbul’s main international airport, Istanbul Atatürk Airport (IST). However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, flight schedules and routes may change, so it’s best to check with Emirates or other airlines for the latest information.

How many hours is Turkey from DXB?
The flight time from Dubai (DXB) to Istanbul (IST) is approximately 4 hours and 5 minutes, depending on the airline, route, and weather conditions.

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