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Everything You Need To Know About Flights To Finland

Flights to finland

Are you looking to experience the stunning scenery, endless daylight, and unique Nordic culture of Finland? Lufthansa Airlines offers convenient nonstop and one-stop  flights to finland for  multiple Finnish cities from the US and all across Europe.

Lufthansa flies nonstop from Frankfurt and Munich to Helsinki, the capital city of Finland. Flights depart multiple times daily, and fares start around 500 EUR one-way. From Helsinki, it’s easy to connect to nearby cities like Tampere, Turku, and Oulu via inexpensive domestic flights.

Lufthansa also offers one-stop flights from many cities to Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland via Helsinki or Stockholm. This provides an affordable gateway to experience the Arctic winter wonderland and see the Northern Lights. Flights to Rovaniemi depart only a few times weekly, but fares are reasonable, starting around 600 EUR one-way.

Onboard all Lufthansa flights to Finland, and you’ll enjoy delicious Finnish cuisine created in partnership with local chefs. And you’ll arrive refreshed and ready to dive into the unique joys of Finnish culture, from traditional saunas and reindeer stew to lakeside summer cottages and dizzying midnight sun.

Flying to Finland: What to expect from Lufthansa Flights

Flying to Finland: What to expect from Lufthansa Flights
Flying to Finland: What to expect from Lufthansa Flights | Trailfollow

When flying to Finland from the US or Europe, Lufthansa Airlines offers convenient nonstop and connecting flight options with fares as low as 500 EUR one-way. Here’s what you can expect from Lufthansa flights to Finnish destinations like Helsinki and Rovaniemi:

  • Frequent flights – Lufthansa operates multiple daily nonstop flights from Frankfurt and Munich to Helsinki. There are also 1-2 weekly flights from Frankfurt to Rovaniemi.
  • Finnish cuisine – All Lufthansa flights to Finland feature Finnish-inspired meals created with local chefs. Enjoy fresh herring, reindeer steak, and cloudberry sorbet onboard.
  • Comfortable cabins – Spacious economy seats with a generous 35-inch pitch on long-haul flights. Premium Economy and Business Class options are also available.
  • Onboard entertainment – Watch up to 2,000 entertainment options from Lufthansa’s “FlyNet” system with movies, TV shows, audiobooks, and games.
  • Arrival services – Seamless arrival in Helsinki or Rovaniemi with baggage claim and customs all located in the terminal.
  • Flight durations:
  1. Frankfurt to Helsinki: 2 hours 30 minutes
  2. Frankfurt to Rovaniemi: 3 hours 30 minutes
  3. Munich to Helsinki: 2 hours
  • Aircraft: Lufthansa utilizes Airbus and Boeing aircraft for flights to Finland, including A330, A340, B747-8, and narrowbody A320 and A319 aircraft.
  • Special fares: Lufthansa occasionally offers discounted Finland fares up to 30% off for limited periods, especially during holidays and summer.

By choosing Lufthansa for your flight to Finland, enjoy all the pleasures of a comfortable trip along with convenient options and affordable pricing. So whether you’re heading to the capital city of Helsinki or the Arctic wilderness of Lapland, fly to Finland with Lufthansa.

Main Lufthansa flight options to Finland:

Main Lufthansa flight options to Finland
Main Lufthansa flight options to Finland | Trailfollow
  • Helsinki – Lufthansa offers the most frequent and direct flights to Helsinki Finland. They operate multiple daily nonstop flights from their Frankfurt and Munich hubs to Helsinki Airport. Flight times are around 2-3 hours, and one-way fares start at about €500.
  • Rovaniemi – Lufthansa offers 1-2 weekly flights from Frankfurt to Rovaniemi Airport in Finnish Lapland. These are often one-stop connecting flights via Helsinki. Flight times are around 3-4 hours, and fares are everywhere €600 one-way. Rovaniemi is a gateway to seeing the Northern Lights and visiting Santa Claus Village.
  • Other cities – Lufthansa does not offer any direct flights to other Finnish cities like Tampere, Turku, or Oulu. However, they provide good connectivity to Helsinki Airport, which has domestic solid flight connections to all major Finnish cities.

Safety and travel updates:

Safety and travel updates
Safety and travel updates | Trailfollow

Here are some safety and travel updates for Lufthansa flights to Finland:

  • Masks required – Masks are still needed on all Lufthansa flights for passengers and crew. Passengers must wear a medical mask (no scarves/bandanas) at check-in, boarding, during the flight, and deplaning.
  • Health checklist – All passengers must complete a health checklist before flying, stating they do not have COVID symptoms and have not been exposed.
  • Social distancing – Lufthansa is spacing passengers by leaving middle seats open on flights where possible. They also recommend keeping a safe distance from others during check-in, boarding, and baggage claim.
  • Cabin air filters – Lufthansa aircraft are equipped with HEPA air filters that remove 99.99% of particles, including viruses and bacteria, from cabin air. The air is refreshed about every 3 minutes.
  • Enhanced cleaning – Lufthansa has increased the frequency and thoroughness of aircraft cleaning, especially of frequently touched surfaces like tray tables, armrests, screens, and toilets.
  • Hand sanitizer – Hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol is available onboard for passenger use.
  • COVID testing – Testing requirements vary by destination, so passengers should check the current entry rules for their destination country. Lufthansa offers COVID test kits on some long-haul flights.


In summary, Finland offers a quintessential Nordic experience with its rugged wilderness, tranquil lakeside villages, and unique cultural traditions. And with convenient flights to Finland on Lufthansa Airlines, experiencing the ‘land of a thousand lakes’ has never been more accessible.

Whether you fly nonstop to Helsinki to explore the vibrant capital city, take an overnight flight to Lapland for some winter wonderland excitement, or venture further to remote Arctic towns in search of the Northern Lights, Lufthansa provides affordable and comfortable options for travelers of all kinds. Read more on Booking and the official website of Trailfollow.


How much are return flights to Finland?
Prices for return flights to Finland will depend on several factors, like the airline, route, time of year, and class of service. In general, economy class return flights from the UK to Helsinki will range from around £150-300 with budget airlines and £300-600 with major carriers.
Can I get a direct flight to Finland?
Yes, multiple airlines offer nonstop flights to Helsinki Airport from major cities in Europe and some parts of the US. From the UK, airlines like Lufthansa fly direct services to Helsinki.
How can I find cheap tickets to Finland?
To find cheap flights to Finland, compare prices across multiple airlines, book well in advance (3-6 months ahead is ideal), and consider budget carriers like Lufthansa.

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