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Experience the Best of Asia: Unforgettable Holiday in Singapore

Holiday in Singapore

Singapore is known as one of the fastest-developing countries in the world. It is a global financial centre and one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Singapore was also known as Temasek during the 13th and 14th centuries. In Sanskrit, it’s known as Sang Nila Utama. There are lots of picturesque and beautiful tourist places which are very popular in Singapore. Tourists flock to this country at all times of the year and enjoy the beauty and elegance of Singapore. Tourists can also roam around Singapore with the all-inclusive Singapore pass. Let us look at the top five most popular tourist attractions of a holiday in Singapore.

Gocity Presents Top Five Destinations for Holiday in Singapore

1. Gardens By The Bay

Gardens By The Bay
Gardens By The Bay | trailfollow

The Gardens by the Bay charges no fees to the all-inclusive pass holders. It is known as the symbol of Singapore. Gardens by the Bay is a natural park which has attractions like a Flower Dome and a Cloud Forest. The Cloud Forest section of the park now features the Avatar Experience. It is an engaging and beautifully strategised walk-through event which is inspired by the beauty and amazing way of storytelling of the globally highly-acclaimed film, Avatar. The Garden of the Bay has five different zones for tourists to enjoy. The tourists can have a memorable experience of connecting to a bioluminescent environment, beautiful mystical creatures, flora and fauna and other interesting and overwhelming features. To learn more about the Gardens by the Bay destination of holiday in Singapore and to book your all-inclusive pass.

2. Floral Fantasy

Floral Fantasy should definitely be there on the Singapore holidays list of tourists. It has four garden landscapes full of beautiful and picturesque blooms. The four garden landscapes are named Dance, Float, Waltz and Drift. This is a thematic nature park where flowers, artistic creativity and technology share a beautiful amalgamation to create a wonderful and visually appealing experience for the tourist. The Dance garden landscape has flowers suspended from the ceiling, which move in beautiful harmony to create an illusion of the flowers dancing. The Float features a bubbling brook streaming through grassy knolls. The Waltz garden landscape contains a rain oasis and waterfalls of flowers amidst rocks and driftwood. The Drift Garden landscape provides tourists with a stunning and memorable view of a cave-like space which is circled by terraced rock formations. This tourist place is also available without entry fees with the all-inclusive pass. To know about the prices of the place without the pass and other features.

3. Singapore Cable Car Sky Pass

Singapore Cable Car Sky Pass
Singapore Cable Car Sky Pass | trailfollow

The Singapore Cable Car Sky Pass carries tourists on a one-round trip on the Mount Faber Line and Sentosa Line. The ticket for the cable car is valid for just a day. The tourists can also enjoy the Miraculous 2, a multimedia night show that takes place at the Mount Faber Cable Station. There is a 10% discount for food and drink on minimum spend at some cafes and types of passes. The island of Sentosa, meaning the isle of tranquillity, is just 5 kilometres in size. The island of Sentosa is 70% natural rainforest. It has different species of lizards, parrots, and monkeys. Learn more about the incredible Singapore Cable Car Sky Pass and other destinations for a wonderful holiday in Singapore.

4. Bird Paradise

Bird Paradise is a bird sanctuary at the Mandai Wildlife Reserve. The Bird Paradise is the habitat for 3500 different species of birds scattered around 10 different biomes in the sanctuary. The Bird Paradise is Asia’s largest bird park, with over 8 different immersive walk-through aviaries. It is a wonderful palace for bird watchers to indulge in their interests. The visitors can also have a go at feeding the birds and watching the larger predatory birds like turkey vultures, white-bellied sea eagles and Harris hawks in action. There are about 400 different species of birds that inhabit the Bird Paradise. The majority of the birds at the Bird Paradise have been very carefully moved from Jurong Bird Park over a long time. The Mandai Wildlife Reserve also has Singapore Zoo, River Wonders and Night Safari. To know more about the Bird Paradise tickets and prices and other places for a holiday in Singapore.

5. Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo
Singapore Zoo | trailfollow

Singapore is home to various animals like orangutans, lions, giraffes, cheetahs, crocodiles, monkeys, rhinos, zebras and a lot more other animals, Singapore Zoo is a favourite spot among kids. The zoo inhabits a total of 2400 animals of 300 different species. Out of these, 34% are threatened species, and the zoo is very much invested in conservation and breeding efforts. The visitors can book a tram to explore this zoo in a comfortable way. There is a Splash Safari Show which is a major attraction at the zoo. The Splash Safari Show features a sea lion swimming and splashing around. The visitors can also get an opportunity to feed all these cute and fascinating animals. The Rainforest Kidzworld features a wild animal carousel for kids to enjoy. Overall, the Singapore Zoo is a wonderful place to spend your day with complete enjoyment. To get included in the 2 million people visiting the Singapore Zoo every year and to enjoy your holiday in Singapore.


Singapore has a lot of different tourist places which are enjoyable and affordable. The country can be one of the most fun destinations for families to enjoy once they have the right places on their itinerary. The all-inclusive Singapore pass can get tourists access to each and every tourist place present in the country. Even without the pass, the tourists can still enjoy the tourist places on their own terms and availability of time. Learn more about the different tourist places and top attractions for a holiday in Singapore through Trailfollow.


What questions to ask about Singapore?
To fully understand Singapore, ask questions about must-visit attractions, cultural customs, popular local dishes, recommended neighbourhoods, transportation options, unique festivals, lesser-known gems, family-friendly activities, etiquette, and safety considerations. These questions can provide valuable insights and help maximize your experience in the city-state.
Why choose Singapore for a holiday?
Singapore is a popular holiday destination with its modern, cosmopolitan city, cultural diversity, food paradise, shopping hub, cleanliness, safety, green spaces, world-class attractions, and efficient public transportation. With diverse ethnicities, high-end luxury boutiques, and low crime rates, it offers a welcoming atmosphere. This makes it a great spot for a relaxing holiday in Singapore.
What is Singapore like for holidays?
Singapore is a modern city with a vibrant culture and diverse culinary offerings. Its multicultural population showcases heritage, cuisine, and traditions, making it an ideal holiday destination. Singapore’s efficient public transportation, safety, and vibrant nightlife make it an ideal destination for adults and children.

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