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sequoia national park

Situated in Central California, Sequoia National Park serves as the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Explore the giant trees on a day hike, go backpacking via the abundant forests, explore the Crystal Caves, and climb the Moro Rock to witness the amazing view. A few well-known activities in the sequoia National Park are fishing, rock climbing, kayaking, and horse riding. Explore Sequoia National Park California with the help of Viator.

Things you should know before you Visit Sequoia National Park

A few things that you should know and remember before visiting Sequoia National Park are:

  • Nature lovers should visit Sequoia National Park as it is an ideal attraction.
  • You should carry comfy trekking shoes, sufficient water, and things to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays during the day.
  • While camping in the forest, you should keep food, trash, and scented items in storage boxes,
  • Sequoia National Park camping is available. You should make reservations about camping on campgrounds.
  • You need permission in case you want to camp outside the camping grounds.
  • You need skills at advanced levels for kayaking in the rivers of the Sequoia National Park, as kayaking in the rivers is risky.

How Can You Get to Sequoia National Park?

Situated approximately 4.5 hours from San Francisco, traveling to Sequoia National Park from Los Angeles will take approximately 4 hours. You can visit the visitor centre through highway 198. There is a free shuttle service that provides transportation in the Park.

When can you get to Sequoia National Park?

Sequoia National Park is busy in summer when the weather is hot, humid, and sunny. During the summertime, you can explore Sequoia National Park in the early morning or on a weekday to avert crowds. With fewer crowds and moderate temperature, mid-September and October is the ideal time to visit the Park. During the winter, a few portions of the Park remain closed. Still, a few areas of Sequoia National Park are open to tourists for adventurous activities such as snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

Trees You Should See in Sequoia National Park

sequoia national park trees
Trees At Sequoia National Park | Trailfollow

The giant sequoia trees attract several tourists to Sequoia National Park. The General Sherman tree located at the north end of the forest is the highlight. The General Giant tree is another highlight in the Kings Canyon National Park Grant Grove.

Tours and Tickets you should Opt for Exploring Sequoia National Park

On the official website of Viator, three tours are available for exploring Sequoia National Park. They are:

Sequoia National Park Adventure from Tulare

Tulare Sequoia National Park Adventure
Tulare Sequoia National Park Adventure | Trailfollow

On the private tour, you can walk among huge trees. With the help of your tour guide and your near and dear ones, you can custom-build your travel plans according to your interests and preferences. After booking the trip, you can go to the meetup point or request a pickup. All fees and taxes, and a bottle of water are included in the trip.

The trip begins at 8 am and ends at the meeting point. Your guide will explain the landscapes as they have spent a lifetime in the area. You can expect forests to be dense and walk-through huge trees. The cost of the trip begins at 25,492.20 INR. If you want to cancel the tour and experience a total refund, you must cancel the trip 24 hours in advance. Learn more about the cancellation policy on the official website of Viator.

Sequoia National Park Snowshoe Adventure

snowshoe adventure
Snowshoe Adventure | Trailfollow

The trip will take you on a snowy adventure. Wear your snowshoes and take a moderate hike to Bear Hill, trace wildlife, and hike among giant trees. After you reach your destination, enjoy a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or tea. After booking the trip, you will get access to a meetup with your tour guide at the Giant Forest Museum. 

Your tourist guide will give you snowshoes, warm drinks like tea, coffee, or cocoa, and navigational proficiency. Stay with your group members, and you will get an amazing experience.

The cost of the trip starts at 25,424.43 INR. The trip includes hot drinks such as tea and coffee. The park entrance fees are not included. The meeting point of the trip is at Giant Forest Museum. After entering the Park through Highway 198, go ahead through the General Highway for approximately 45 minutes, and you will reach the Giant Forest Museum. 

Meet your tour guide at the venue. You will get free parking, stations for refilling water, and restroom facilities. Confirm the starting time with your tour guide, and the trio will end at the meetup point.

Private Tour and Hike in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park

kings canyon national park
Kings Canyon National Park | Trailfollow

On the trip, your day will involve a drive via the giant tree lines stopping to witness charismatic views and listening to the calls of fauna. You may opt to hike via sequoia groves and waterfalls. Your tourist guide will tell you intriguing facts about the flora, fauna, and history of the Sequoia National Park.

The cost of the full-day private tour starts at 77,963.15 INR. The trip excludes park entry fees, which are $20 per person. If you want to give a tip to tourist guides as a token of appreciation, you can give them, and the amount of money you give the tour guide is not included in the trip. The trip will provide you with lunch.

You can expect to go on a trail along the Moro Rock and walk through the grant Grove, Giant Forest, and Kings Canyon Scenic Byway. You will also get to observe the well-known General Sherman Tree.

The trip starts at 8 am. You can expect pickup from an arranged venue after paying additional charges. Cancellation with a full refund is available if you cancel the trip 24 hours in advance. For more details about the cancellation policy, visit the official website of Viator.

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Popularly called the ‘land of giants, ‘ Sequoia National Park inhibits old redwood trees called Sequoia- which is known as the largest tree in the world with heights of approximately 275 feet. The charismatic landscape of the Park displays abundant forests, mountains, rocky foothills, and canyons. Book Sequoia National Park hotels from Viator. If you are planning to explore Sequoia National Park, you should book your tickets from the official website of Viator and to know more visit Trailfollow.


What is the best month to visit Sequoia National Park?
June to August are the best months to visit Sequoia National Park.
Which Park is better, Sequoia or Yosemite?
In the case of landscapes, Yosemite is better than Sequoia.
What is Sequoia National Park known for?
Sequoia National Park is known for its massive redwoods and General Sherman Tree.
How many days do you need for Sequoia National Park?
Tourists can spend one day to one week in Sequoia National Park. If you do not have much time, you must visit spots such as General Sherman Tree and the view from Moro Rock.

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