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Best VPN for Netflix

A Virtual Private Network is a process of secure communication that secures your connection while browsing the Internet. VPNs make your browsing private, hide your Internet Protocol address, and ensure that your Internet service provider does not trace you. The best free VPN for Netflix is Surfshark. You can use the Surfshark VPN for Netflix.

What is Surfshark – the Best VPN for Netflix?

Surfshark is a Virtual Private Network service firm based in the Netherlands and is a branch of Nord Security, the parent company of Nord Virtual Private Network. The VPN for Netflix includes VPN service, data leak security techniques, and a search tool for private browsing.

The VPN for Netflix is a highly rated Virtual Private Network on CNET and TechReady. The VPN service provider is an award-winning VPN company. Surfshark is the best choice for Netflix because it provides unlimited access at just $2.49 per month. The Virtual Private Network service provider provides 24 hours support, advertisement blockers, and two-step verification.

Features of Surfshark VPN for Netflix

You will get all the features for 169.49 INR per month. The features of Surfshark VPN for Netflix are:

VPN for Netflix
VPN for Netflix | Trailfollow
  • CleanWeb

Through the feature, you can block intrusive advertisements and malware even before they load. You can save mobile data and improve your browsing speed. You can avert cookies and other pop-up requests. The feature will also alert you in case of data breaches. It implements features into one user-friendly advertisement blocker.

You can use Install CleanWeb 2.0 or the regular CleanWeb with the Virtual Private Network service application on any device. The advertisement feature blocker when you install the Surfshark VPN for the Netflix browser extension. 

You do not have to connect to a Virtual Private Network to enable it separately. You can activate the regular CleanWeb feature in just two steps:

  • Open the free VPN for the Netflix application and head onto settings.
  • Please search for the CleanWeb feature option and switch it on.
  • Unlimited Devices

Unlimited Devices
Unlimited Devices | Trailfollow

You can use and connect any device simultaneously. Android, iOS, MacBook, etc., use any device you want to. You can protect numerous devices at once.

  • Bypasser

VPN split tunnelling is called bypasser on the Surfshark VPN service provider. You can enable certain websites and applications to bypass the VPN for Netflix. In addition to being the best Virtual Private Network for Netflix, the Virtual Private Network company works remarkably well with banking websites and applications.

The feature will enable you to select which data you wish to encrypt. You can use two different Internet Protocol addresses simultaneously and keep your initial browsing speed on the traffic you do not wish to secure. The feature is free to use, and you do not have to pay additional charges.

Benefits of Using VPN for Netflix

The benefits of using the Surfshark VPN for Netflix are:

Using VPN for Netflix
Using VPN for Netflix | Trailfollow
  • Browse Securely on Public Wi-Fi

Free public Wi-Fi is a blessing for fraudsters, hackers, and a miracle for mobile data. Using the Surfshark VPN for Netflix is the best option free public Wi-Fi as it keeps hackers away.

  • Secure Your Entire Household

Do you want one subscription to keep everyone near you safe from hackers? You can do so by downloading and installing the Surfshark VPN for Netflix and keeping everyone’s data around you secure. With Surfshark, you can use one account on multiple devices without any limitations.

  • Avert Travel Restrictions

You do not have to alter your Internet experience while you travel. You watch Netflix while traveling in a car, download shows, watch them offline on the flight, etc. With Surfshark VPN for Netflix, you can stay protected while on your trip and use your Internet connection when you are back home.

  • Spend Less

Rental services, online shopping stores, OTT platforms like Netflix, airline firms, etc., base their fares on your location. If you want to pay less, turn on a Virtual Private Network such as Surfshark VPN for Netflix and pay your charges from a different country.

What Does the Surfshark VPN for Netflix Plan Include?

Netflix Plan Include
Netflix Plan Include | Trailfollow

According to the official website of Surfshark, the charge for using the VPN service provider is 169.49 INR per month, accompanied by a thirty-day money-back assurance. In addition to the 24 months of paid service, you will get access to the VPN service provider for extra two months free of cost and without having to pay any additional charges.

Surfshark provides 24-customer support 24 hours. The VPN for Netflix free does not collect user information and has more than 3200 servers in approximately 100 countries. It comprises advanced security measures, and the connection speed of the VPN service provider is swift.


Surfshark is the best Virtual Private Network for Netflix. The Virtual Service Network service provider has other products like Surfshark Antivirus software, Alert, Search, and Incognito. To use the best VPN for Netflix, go to the official website of Surfshark and check out their free trial and pricing in case you want to purchase one, and follow Trailfollow to know more about VPN.  


Does any VPN work with Netflix?
You can use a Virtual Private Network with Netflix on the basic, standard, and premium subscription plans
Will Netflix ban you from using a VPN?
Yes, Netflix might ban you from using a Virtual Private Network unavailable in a particular region.
Which VPN country is best for Netflix?
Netherlands, America, and England-based Virtual Private Network is the best for Netflix.

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