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Key Attractions for your Tour to Germany

Key Attractions for your Tour to Germany

Germany is beautiful, with old-world elegance and modern urban centers. Glide down the Rhine on a river cruise to the Moselle Wine Route, where valleys of quaint towns await, or witness the Passion Play nestled among the beautiful green vistas of the Bavarian Alps. There are numerous adventures to be experienced in the heart of Europe, from the Oktoberfest beer halls of Munich to the cultural treasures of Hamburg. Read out more before planning your tour to Germany. You can check out the official website of Agoda for more Flight bookings.


Best Places To Visit On Your Trip to Germany

A list of the best places that you can visit on your next tour to Germany is as follows:

1. Rothenburgob der Tauber

Rothenburgob der Tauber
Rothenburg is the shining star of Bavaria | Trailfollow

Along the Romantic Road, on the banks of the Tauber River, is a distinctively German village with charming medieval houses that appear to have aged indefinitely. Rothenburg is the shining star of Bavaria and merits a presence on every European itinerary, with one hell of a Christmas Market and residents. They are up for a stein on any night.

2. The Bastei Bridge

The Bastei Bridge
This historic bridge connects unspoiled hiking paths | Trailfollow

Bastei Bridge, which stands proudly above the Elbe, is a truly unforgettable sight. This historic bridge connects unspoiled hiking paths and is a cherished location for couples and photographers. A drive to this magnificent tower, with its panoramic vistas and airborne views of the river below, quickly makes one of the best day trips from Dresden.

3. Neuschwanstein Castle

Is it essential to introduce this magnificent palace? Neuschwanstein Castle, perched on a mountaintop in the Bavarian Alps, is something out of a fairytale (literally – it inspired Sleeping Beauty’s castle!) Built by King Louis II, this grand mansion and its breathtaking background are mesmerizing, transporting you to a far, far away land. It is one of the most common highlights and can make your tour to Germany worth it.

4. Blautopf

A lovely storybook village perched above a tangle of underground caves is tucked away just outside Ulm. While visitors are not permitted to enter the caves, they lure to the unbelievable blue waters that pool on the surface. The Blautopf stands in stark contrast to its verdant surrounds, which conjure up tales of fables and mermaids for everyone who dares to gaze.

5. Become Disoriented in the Black Forest

Become Disoriented in the Black Forest
Most beautiful destinations in Germany | Trailfollow

This eerie-named forest is surprisingly one of the most beautiful destinations in Germany, with hiking trails over rolling hills and one of the most picturesque train excursions in Europe.

6. Ride the Moselle Trail

Ride the Moselle Trail
Moselle Trail | Trailfollow

Taste the flavors of medieval wine-making communities along a journey filled with Germany’s best grapes. This ride will tantalize your tastebuds with stops at world-renowned vineyards and picture-perfect wineries.

7. Take the Romantic Highway

This scenic journey, perhaps one of the best road trips in Germany, features some of the most authentically German towns, loaded with welcoming residents and traditional treasures.

8. Hike to the highest point

Hike to the highest point
Highest point of Germany | Trailfollow

The Zugspitze is Germany’s tallest mountain, and it genuinely seems you’re on top of the globe! Take a hike, visit the ski resort, or ride the cable car; this summit is a playground of fun all year.

9. Raise a glass to Oktoberfest!

At this world-famous celebration, the beer halls of Munich come alive with singing, swaying, eating, and drinking. Don your lederhosen and enjoy the fairground attractions for an Oktoberfest experience like no other.

10. Visit a Christmas Market

During the holiday season, local squares have a lot of adorned huts selling handmade handicrafts and delectable food. Bring the Christmas spirit to life at one of Germany’s many markets!

Wrapping Up

These are a few things that you can explore on your next trip to Germany. Moreover, it is essential to maintain safety measures during your vacations in Germany. Also, you can check out more such articles on the official Trailfollow website before your tour to Germany.

What are the different Ways to Travel Around Germany?

There are various ways to explore while on your tour to Germany. Some of the most popular methods of exploring Germany are as follows:

1. Private Excursions

Private Excursions
Solo Adventure Trip | Trailfollow

Add your personal touch to one of our ready-to-book trips and enjoy a tour tailored specifically to your party. You will receive VIP treatment, exclusivity, and personalization on private time. Take advantage of the freedom and flexibility of touring your way. Private excursions can make your tour to Germany worth remembering for a lifetime.

2. Group Excursions

Group Excursions
A group trip to Germany | Trailfollow

Discover new experiences with people who are as enthusiastic as you are, feel comfortable with a guide by your side, and appreciate the balance of activities and free time to explore. A group trip is a terrific last-minute option and is ideal for individuals traveling alone because it requires no planning.

3. Adventures Made to Order

Adventures Made to Order
Adventures Experience | Trailfollow

Customizable adventures provide experiences that you can readily tailor according to your specific interests and demands. Browse our pre-planned itineraries and add your favorite activities or enhance your accommodations. Alternatively, you can contact us to design your dream bundle from scratch.

What are Most Popular Destinations in Germany?

1.South Germany

South Germany
South Germany | Trailfollow

On a trip to Southern Germany, stroll along Lake Constance’s alpine promenade, immerse in the Black Forest’s eerie timelessness, or delve into Nuremberg’s turbulent history. This storybook region wonderfully encapsulates German culture as we know it, from cuckoo clocks and castles to beer festivals and Christmas markets. Without a visit to the southern part of Germany, your tour to Germany would be incomplete.

2. Bavaria

Bavaria is a beautiful state in southern Germany that borders Austria
The beauty of Bavaria, Germany | Trailfollow

Bavaria is a beautiful state in southern Germany that borders Austria. The largest city is Munich, which hosts the Oktoberfest Beer Festival. The famous Romantic Road is a picturesque route that passes through historic towns and villages before arriving at the Alps’ foothills. If you’re visiting during the winter, make time to visit the Nuremberg Christmas Market. Visiting Bavaria can make your tour to Germany worth remembering.

3. Central Germany

The emerald-green vistas of Central Germany
European Central Bank Germany | Trailfollow

The emerald-green vistas of Central Germany have inspired composers and poets. This often-overlooked region trades the bustling cities for a well-deserved time away, with hiking trails through beech forests that redefine tranquillity and cycling routes passing museums that lend a sprinkle of historical significance. Central Germany is one of the most common places that people visit during their tour to Germany.

4. Rhine Valley

The lovely Rhine Valley is undoubtedly one of Germany's most scenic areas
The lovely Rhine Valley | Trailfollow

Bike through historic villages, sip great wines from one of the vineyards along the Rhine, or listen to stories from bygone eras in the halls of grand castles. The lovely Rhine Valley is undoubtedly one of Germany’s most scenic areas, and it’s full of cultural experiences, from drinking beer in a “stein” (stone mug) with locals to admiring the fairytale-dotted countryside on a river cruise. Your tour to Germany must include the Rhine valley to make the most of your tour to Germany.


What is the best way to tour Germany?
Traveling by train is a highly efficient method to move throughout Germany, but it is not cheap. Deutsche Bahn operates Germany’s central rail system, including high-speed and ordinary trains.
How much does it cost for a Germany trip?
According to reports, a 7-day vacation to Germany costs an average of $1,379 for a single traveler. Whereas $2,217 for a couple and $2,208 for a family of four.
How many days are enough for Germany?
To get the most out of your holiday, we recommend staying in Germany for at least seven to ten days.
Is Germany worth visiting?
If you love traveling and nature, then Germany is worth visiting.

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