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What Is Mahzooz Draw? How To Play Mahzooz Draw Online?

Mahzooz Draw

Mahzooz (also known as Mahzooz Emirates Loto) does a weekly live draw to pick winning numbers. While it offers potentially life-changing possibilities to participants, it also stresses giving back to the needy in the region’s communities. In other words, Mahzooz has announced a unique limited-time offer that will triple your chances of becoming a millionaire to welcome more millionaires into the good life. Mahzooz, the UAE’s most popular weekly competition, has generated 28 millionaires in just two years. You can also participate in the Mahzooz Draw by following a simple procedure. However, it is first essential to understand the Mahzooz draw and how it works.

1. What is Mahzooz Draw?

In Arabic, the term Mahzooz means "fortunate.
What is Mahzooz Draw | Trailfollow

In Arabic, the term Mahzooz means “fortunate.” With a base prize pool of AED 10,000,000 for the Mahzooz Winner and three guaranteed Mahzooz draw winners receiving AED 100,000 each. Emirates Lotto was the UAE’s first Sweepstake, beginning in April 2020 with an AED 35,000,000 big prize. The Mahzooz draw eventually increased this amount to AED 50,000,000 before lowering it to AED 10,000,000, with the Mahzooz raffle draw offering AED 100,000 to three players monthly.
Regarding the history of lotteries, Emirates Lotto was the UAE’s inaugural Raffle, debuting in April 2020 with a top prize of AED 35,000,000. It ultimately boosted the prize money to AED 50,000,000 before being reduced to AED 10,000,000 with the Mahzooz raffle draw, which awards AED 100,000 to three participants each week. The entering price of Mahzooz draws 2023 lies at AED 35 per entry. The participants can purchase the number of tickets they desire.

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2. How to Participate in Mahzooz Draw?

You may use your Mahzooz Ticket Purchase to get a discount on water bottles for the raffle draw on the Mahzooz 2023 website or mobile app. Purchase water bottles with Almowafir now and earn a subscription line for each bottle as part of a special Mahzooz 2023 promotion. You may then enter a weekly grand draw for incredible prizes of up to ten million AED if you use a Mahzooz ticket buy or voucher during the purchase procedure. You may save money by using the Mahzooz 2023 offer to get the cheapest water bottles and subscription lines, where you can choose five numbers to enter the draw and win the big prize with more than one ticket. As part of its social commitment to help bring about positive changes at the local level, the Mahzooz Ticket Purchase donates to charity and non-profit activities.

Every week, you may win tens of millions of dirhams in the Mahzooz grand draw by purchasing water bottles and donating your money to charity. The procedure to participate in the Mahzooz draw is simple. All you need to do is create or log in to your account on the official Mahzooz website. Following this, you can click the Play options and select Buy Now. Choose the number of water bottles you want to give and click Add to Cart. Each bottle entitles you to one Raffle Draw entry and one line in the Grand Draw.

Although, you can play multiple lines at a time. You need to pick five numbers in line 1 at the moment. Add these lines to your cart and click the Check Out option to pay using your credit balance or your payment card. You will receive a confirmation message via email and SMS on your mobile phone. The stream is live on the Mahzooz website, and the winners get a notification from Mahzooz. Moreover, you can get the best deals on the official Mahzooz Many GEOs website.

3. How To Claim Mahzooz Draw 2023 Grand Prize?

You have one year from the date of the Mahzooz draw to claim your grand prize. Any amount under AED 300 will attract a charge of AED 10 from UAE and AED 20 for accounts outside UAE. The amount above AED 300 will not attract and fee. The Mahzooz winner will have to receive the claim account, and the Winner’s service manager will review and contact the Winner for the claim process.

Winners can instantly redeem their earnings or have a play account to receive them later. However, the Winner will have to cover the currency conversion charges if he decides on any other currency than Dirham.

Winners can choose to pay out or save their earnings in their account to play with again later. The currency used to pay awards and process withdrawals from Mahzooz grand prize winners is AED, and winners may have to bear the currency conversion costs.


It brings us to the end of our tour of Mahzooz (Emirates Loto), also known as Mahzooz Emirates Loto. Because of the unique nature of the Mahzooz draw, you know that whether you win or lose, your money will assist those in need after purchasing a Mahzooz Ticket. So, even if your bank account does not grow, you may be assured that you have done something good with the Mahzooz Draw ticket price. You may find more similar lucky draws on the Trailfollow official website.



How can I get in touch with Mahzooz Customer Service?
You can contact the Mahzooz Customer Support staff by calling the UAE toll-free number 800 5825 from anywhere in the world (from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (Gulf Standard Time), seven days a week). Apart from that, you can contact them at [email protected].
How can I sign up for an account and enter the Mahzooz draw?
To sign up for an account and enter the Mahzooz draw, you must register on the Mahzooz official website. Head to the site, click “Create Account,” and then follow the on-screen instructions. Another method to sign up for the Mahzooz draw is by downloading the mobile application from the app store or google play store and registering by following the instructions on the application. 
What is the location of my Raffle ID?
Your Raffle ID is next to your ticket’s five great draw numbers. Go to the “My Account” section to check your ticket and click “My Games.”

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