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Vacation Rentals In Gatlinburg TN: Discover Your Mountain Paradise for an Unforgettable Getaway

Vacation Rentals Gatlinburg TN

Glantinburg is a hill station located on the eastern side of Tennessee and is called the gateway to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, spread across approximately 520,000 acres. Numerous of its primary attractions offer picturesque views of the parks nearby and the renowned ski resort. If you plan a trip to Gatlinburg, it is an excellent tourist destination. Are you looking for good vacation Rentals in Gatlinburg Tn? There are many good accommodation options available in the hill town. Use VRBO to book them. For more information about such rentals, you can read the article. 

Vacation Rentals In Gatlinburg TN

Want to know more about good accommodation options in Gatlinburg, TN? Some great vacation rentals in Gatlinburg TN are as follows:

1. VAYHAUS Gatlinburg Modern Cabin

VAYHAUS Gatlinburg Modern Cabin
VAYHAUS Gatlinburg Modern Cabin | Trailfollow

It is one of the best vacation rentals in Gatlinburg TN situated in a rural area adjacent to theme parks. This modern property has three bathrooms and bedrooms accommodating up to ten guests. The enormous wall-to-wall windows in the living room allow you to witness the spectacular views of Smoky National Park. You can spend time in the courtyard, play games, relax on the sofas, and watch a film. The property has air conditioners, a fireplace, tea/coffee machines, sofa-cum-beds, dining tables, etc. It has a fully-equipped kitchen and bathrooms. The rooms have balconies, and you can browse the web using complimentary wireless access to the Internet.

2. Annie’s Smoky View

Annie’s Smoky View
Annie’s Smoky View | Trailfollow

It is one of the family-friendly vacation rentals in Gatlinburg TN having a spa tub and water park. Residing on a hill overlooking the woodlands and splendid mountain views, it is quiet, although some of the area’s top attractions are nearby. It has two suite rooms. Every room has a large bed, a television and a fully-equipped bathroom. The other washroom has a jetted tub. The living, dining, and kitchen areas have massive windows for proper ventilation. The kitchen is equipped with appliances, cookware, gadgets, etc. You can spend some time in the game room, watch a film on the television with a DVD player, and relax on the plush sofa sets. It is a beautiful location with adventurous activities, and you can go trekking, zip-lining, skiing, biking, etc.

3. Smoky Mountain High

Smoky Mountain High
Smoky Mountain High | Trailfollow

It is one of the best vacation rentals in Gatlinburg TN located in Chalet Village, comprising a kitchen and balcony. The Smoky Mountain High Cabin is the perfect place to travel in a large group. This property can accommodate 16 guests and has breathtaking views. It features three wide-ranging decks and beautiful mountain and city views. The property has all the necessities that you have in your home. The living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom are well-equipped with daily amenities. The living room has a fireplace where you can snuggle up, read a book and spend some peaceful time. The property has a massive breakfast bar, DVD players, high-speed wireless Internet connection, a pool table for entertainment, etc. 

4. Sunset Cottage Resort Cozy Cabin

Sunset Cottage Resort Cozy Cabin
Sunset Cottage Resort Cozy Cabin | Trailfollow

Situated in Black Bear Falls, it is one of the best Gatlinburg vacation rentals comprising one bedroom and one bath cabin. Equipped with a large bed, shower, and jetted tub with a new hot tub on the deck, the cabin is behind the resort with light and slow traffic that will disrupt your peaceful time. It has amenities like smart television, air- conditioners, desks, chairs, complimentary access to a wireless Internet connection, furnishings, fireplaces, etc. It has a nice parking space and a grill like a charcoal park. The cabin comprises an equipped kitchen with a refrigerator, oven/stove, and utensils. You can enjoy a perfect family dinner. It is free from pets and smoke, so you can make your trip memorable even if you have allergies.

5. Modern Waterfront RV 

Modern Waterfront RV 
Modern Waterfront RV  | Trailfollow

It is one of the best vacation rentals in Gatlinburg Tn in the mountains and near the waterfront. It is located near the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. The property has amenities, such as free access to Wi-Fi, air- conditioning, tea/coffee machines, television, etc. The kitchen is open and has a refrigerator, cookware, and other necessary products required in the kitchen. It comprises an outdoor fireplace with proper seating arrangements. If you are searching for a short ride to the town for shopping, this vacation rental is a good place you can book. The property is children and pet-friendly. You will get complimentary access to the Internet and smart television. Overall, this property has all the necessities. You can consider staying in this property.

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Are you searching for vacation rentals in Gatlinburg Tn? If you are searching for great places to stay on your trip to Gatlinburg, you can search and book your accommodations from VRBO. Visit the official website of VRBO, and while browsing, you will see different accommodations that suit your style. You will find hotels, cabins, condos, apartments, cottages, houses, villas, and chalets. You can explore each one of these using the website, check the features, and book a place to stay according to your convenience. For further information about good vacation rentals in Gatlinburg Tn and other travel-based content, refer to the blogs on Trailfollow.


Is it better to stay in a hotel or cabin in Gatlinburg?
Although staying at a hotel would be excellent for a New York trip, a cabin rental would be great if you plan to go to Gatlinburg, TN.
What is considered off-season in Gatlinburg, TN?
Although Glatinburg receives tourists throughout the year, the off-season in Gatlinburg is considered from January to March. Even though during this time you’ll still see tourists, it’s still less busy than at other times.
Why is Gatlinburg so touristy?
Glantinburgh is so touristy because of its scenic views of the town and the backdrop of Smoky Mountain.
Do you have to be 25 to rent a cabin in Gatlinburg?
To rent a  one or two-bedroom cabin in Gatlinburg, you should be at least 21 years old. You should meet the minimum age criteria, show age proof and live in your booked cabin for the stay’s overall duration. Your age must be 25 if you want to book a three-bedroom or larger cabin.

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