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TheUltimate Guide To The Best Flights To Shanghai

flights to shanghai

Flights to Shanghai provide an appealing entry point to one of China’s most lively and dynamic cities. Shanghai is a mesmerizing destination for travelers from all over the world, thanks to its rich history, distinctive skyline, and bustling streets. This global metropolis offers it all, whether you’re looking for cultural immersion, gastronomic delights, or awe-inspiring architecture. Numerous airlines provide accessible flights to Shanghai, making it simple to visit this amazing city. Shanghai’s excitement envelops you from the moment you get to the airport, guaranteeing a fantastic experience. So, book your flights to Shanghai today. Make an adventure that will awaken your senses.

How to book flights to Shanghai with Lufthansa?

How to book flights to Shanghai with Lufthansa?
How to book flights to Shanghai with Lufthansa? | Trailfollow

Here’s a guide for you to book flights to Shanghai with Lufthansa:

  • Navigate to the Lufthansa website.
  • You can type your travel information into the site’s search box. Select “Return” or “One-way” Choose “Return” or “One-way” depending on your travel plans.
  • The site has a search box where you may enter your trip information. Choose “Return” or “One-way” Depending on your trip arrangements, choose “Return” or “One-way”.
  • In the appropriate fields, enter your departure city (for example, New York) and destination city (for example, Shanghai).
  • Select your desired travel dates from the calendar by selecting the departure and return dates.
  • Using the drop-down options, specify the number of people and their relevant travel classes (economy, business, etc.).
  • If you have special requirements, such as direct flights or flexible dates, you may tick the appropriate boxes or use the advanced search options.
  • To go to the flight search results page, click the “Search” or “Find flights” button.
  • A list of available flights to Shanghai will appear on the search results page. The flights’ departure and arrival timings, length, and costs will be presented.
  • Click on the “Select” or “Choose” button to select the flight option that best meets your needs.
  • Examine the flight specifics, such as the ticket, luggage allowance, and any extra services provided. Check the terms and conditions for the flight booking also.
  • Provide the required information of passengers, for example, names, contact information, and passport information, as prompted.
  • Select any extra services or upgrades, such as seat selection, additional baggage, or travel insurance.
  •  Examine your booking summary for the total cost as well as any applicable fees or taxes. Before continuing, ensure meticulously that each specific element is precise. 
  • To complete your booking, enter the checkout page and input your payment information. Lufthansa offers credit cards and online payment platforms as payment alternatives.
  • To finalize your reservation, navigate to the payment portal where you can enter the necessary billing particulars to seal the transaction. Lufthansa offers credit cards and online payment platforms as payment alternatives.
  • After your payment is properly processed, you will receive an email with your flight details and booking reference number.

Why visit Shanghai?

Why visit Shanghai?
Why visit Shanghai? | trailfollow

Shanghai is a city that perfectly integrates history and contemporary. For those seeking adventure and memories that will endure, this is an imperative journey to embark upon. This bustling urban sprawl, nestled within the crook of the snaking Yangtze, throbs with activity day and night. It has a plethora of reasons to come. Shanghai provides a wonderful combination of old and new, from its towering buildings like the famed Oriental Pearl Tower to its old neighborhoods like the lovely Yu Garden.

Furthermore, Shanghai’s lively culinary scene tantalizes taste buds with various flavors, from delectable street cuisine to Michelin-starred restaurants. Visitors may also indulge in retail therapy at the city’s world-class shopping areas, such as Nanjing Road and Xintiandi. Access to this wonderful city is simple, thanks to convenient flights to Shanghai from major international airports. Once in Shanghai, the excellent public transit system makes getting about a snap. With its wealth of cultural treasures housed in an array of museums, galleries and theaters that offer glimpses into both its storied history and dynamic present, Shanghai pays exuberant tribute to its rich and vibrant legacy. Not only do visitors frequently take advantage of the city’s vivacious nightlife during the evening hours, which comprises trendy public houses, dance clubs, and locales featuring live musical performances. With its fusion of a storied past and an avant-garde present, not to mention a world-class culinary scene and vibrant cultural life—all readily accessed via its well-serviced airport—Shanghai allures visitors seeking an incomparable journey.


Flights to Shanghai provide you access to a city that combines heritage, modernity, and engaging experiences. Shanghai entices worldwide travelers with its renowned skylines, rich culture, and colorful food. Shanghai flights are convenient and economical, including low-cost choices, making it an appealing destination. You can find cheap flights to Shanghai on Lufthansa. Shanghai offers a variety of activities, from strolling the Bund to discovering local markets and indulging in street food. A fascinating combination of ancient temples, contemporary buildings, and bustling commercial areas. Book your flights to Shanghai and go on an exciting vacation in this enchanting metropolis, making cherished experiences. For more reliable content like this, follow Lufthansa and the official website of Trailfollow.


Can you fly directly from the UK to Shanghai?
Yes, direct flights from the UK to Shanghai are available. Several airlines, notably British Airways and China Eastern, offer nonstop flights between major airports in the United Kingdom, including London Heathrow and Manchester and Shanghai Pudong International Airport. These direct flights provide travelers who want to fly directly from the UK to Shanghai without any layovers or transfers a handy and effective choice.
Is Virgin Atlantic still flying to Shanghai?
Virgin Atlantic did not operate direct flights to Shanghai. It is crucial to remember, however, that airline routes and timetables are subject to change. It is best to contact Virgin Atlantic or visit their official website for the most up-to-date information on their flight destinations and itineraries, including any potential changes or updates on flights to Shanghai.
Can you transit through Shanghai airport?
Transit via Shanghai airport is feasible. Pudong International Airport (PVG) and Hongqiao International Airport (SHA) are Shanghai’s two major international airports. Passengers can transit via both airports if they fulfill the transit visa requirements and follow any particular limitations imposed by the Chinese authorities. It is best to check with the airline or the airport’s official website for the most up-to-date information on transit procedures and regulations.

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